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Studio-Grade Shows...

The fastest, easiest, cheapest way to deliver stunning video presentations.


For Producers

Free yourself from complex production systems using our intuitive event-builder.

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For Managers

Easily build and deliver engaging online presentations with no technical experience.

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For Participants

Engage your audience with high-quality experiences way beyond dull Zoom meetings.

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Every single virtual event process in ONE place


The Old Way

Producing virtual events required a team of experts running numerous systems

The Old Way




One producer runs unlimited, studio-grade events from one web browser


Level-up your communications

Perfect Fidelity

Full HD streaming from a platform as simple to run as Zoom.

Radically Reimagining the Events Workflow

Perfect Fidelity
Perfect Fidelity
Agenda Builder
Agenda Builder
On Brand
On brand
Live Room
Live Room

The essential video presentation tool for sophisticated communications

Prioritise the Stage

Most events platforms rely on poor quality, third-party video streams.

LIVVE mixes unrestricted HD content into your webcast via the cloud.

Take Back Control

Outsourcing to producers requires studio rigs and numerous systems.

LIVVE brings the entire workflow into one app within your browser.

Drastically Reduce Costs

Virtual events often cost over £5,000 per day and require large teams to execute.

LIVVE offers unlimited events for one subscription and requires only one producer.

No Technical Experience Required

Most event technology requires expert knowledge of numerous complex systems.

LIVVE provides a user-focused, intuitive, drag-and-drop platform.

Case Study

"...a process which usually takes me 7-8 hours on other platforms achieved the same or better results in 30 minutes."

“I have been working on virtual event platforms for events of all shapes and sizes for the last 18 months. It is surprising how much goes into getting a platform just right for a virtual event - when we run a virtual show for a client we brand the virtual event platform to client colours and logos, and then we match all the components which will be used within the event such as voting screens and webcast frame. Once we have the platform branded, we then start to programme the content elements into the webcasting software to ensure that every transition is pre-prepared and tested. With practice this has got faster, but it is not unusual to spend 7-8 hours on these tasks. The difference with LIVVE was stark. I was the first person to build an event on the LIVVE platform. Even without an instruction manual, I took a process which usually takes me 7-8 hours on other platforms and achieved the same, or better results in 30 minutes. LIVVE is a huge time-saver.” - Ed Pleasants (Virtual Events Engineer)

Case Study

‘LIVVE has changed everything!’

"As an events agency owner, I’ve been involved in running hundreds of events for medium sized businesses, right up to large multinational companies. We previously used a sophisticated studio set up with countless pieces of expensive hardware and a number of different systems. The planning and set up stage would typically take us around 7 hours for a 1-day event.

LIVVE has changed everything! That same process now takes a single member of our team around 30 minutes. The entire set-up and workflow is contained within the LIVVE app. Using the Agenda Builder, we can map out the structure of our events by dragging and dropping blocks, it’s so easy. Unlike other virtual events platforms, LIVVE is truly cloud-based so we don’t have to rely on third-party video streaming. We get full HD quality directly from the speaker. It’s saved us money, time and our clients are massively impressed."

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