As face-to-face returns, who will run virtual events?

15 March 2022

I read Martin Fullard’s review of Confex with great interest last week

As the CEO of the newest virtual event platform, it stung a little to hear the criticisms of platform providers, the decline of budgets for virtual events and that event professionals are looking forward to moving on from virtual and getting back to in-person events.

Indeed many of my #eventprof contacts are flat out planning or delivering in-person events and we will only see the volume of live events grow as spring comes. But if the event community is busy and fulfilled producing in-person shows, who is running the virtual ones? And if budgets have gone south, will everyone just revert to running freebies on Zoom?

At the GBTA Conference the week before Confex, the industry assessment was that business travel was returning steadily, but that we would never return to the habits and volumes of 2019 and that virtual events and communication would play an essential ole going forward. The feeling was that the requirement not to travel because of Covid has been replaced by a corporate desire to minimise travel for the sake of our planet – hence the continued importance of virtual.

Now we have a disconnect between growing overall demand for virtual events, and reducing supply from the events production community. So who will fill the gap?

We believe that the future of virtual events is one where people from across the communications disciplines, not just events people, will pick up the role of running high-quality virtual events. Events professionals will run the few, marquee virtual events with five and six-figure budgets, but the vast majority of events will be run by smaller teams and non-events people empowered by a new generation of virtual event platforms which remove the stress and complexity of running studio-grade virtual shows which previously only the events industry had the stomach and budgets to take on.

If you want a glimpse into this new way of running virtual events, be sure to join our weekly open demo here:

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