Benefits of a Virtual Events Platform

8 February 2022

Let’s be honest; holding in-person events just isn’t always possible. In fact, for the majority of the past two years, it’s actually been impossible to host a physical event due to social distancing or various lockdown rules. To succeed, businesses from all industries have been forced to adapt, exploring alternative solutions to in-person events. The answer? Hosting a virtual event. Thanks to the digital revolution, the opportunities that come with hosting your event online are now endless, from conferences to exhibitions, music festivals, workshops, fairs, and networking meetings. 

It didn’t take long for us to all see the multiple benefits that come with hosting events online, whether that’s reaching a wider audience, their undeniable convenience and of course, the cost savings. 

So has there ever been a better time to invest in a virtual events platform? After all, there’s no doubt about it; virtual events are here to stay – even when we finally wave goodbye to the pandemic. 

What is a virtual event platform?

Virtual event platforms are specifically designed to host events online. Simply put, it’s software that enables hosts to hold interactive events online, or hybrid – with both in-person and virtual attendees.

Unlike other video-based solutions, like video conferencing and webinars, the purpose of virtual event platforms is to provide a hub for up to thousands of people to meet. It’s as close to an in-person event that you can get, without attendees needing to actually move from their couch.


The benefits of a virtual event platform

Worldwide reach

One of the best things about virtual event platforms is, of course, that they give hosts the ability to reach audiences from across the globe – without having to pay for their food and refreshments, possible hotel stays, and of course, an actual venue (if the event is entirely online).

Multiple virtual spaces

What really makes virtual event platforms special is giving those attending the ability to interact and network, just as they would if it were a physical event. Of course, during a video conference, you can have a conversation between a handful of people (just about), but virtual event platforms take things up a notch. 

Virtual event platforms give hosts the opportunity to introduce breakout areas, just like the ‘virtual lobby’ feature that comes with the LIVVE app, allowing you to present specific information to a small group of those attending – just as you would if you were meeting in person. Consider this, you’re at a physical event, and all of those attending meet regularly in the main room throughout the day but there are breakout rooms allowing for smaller conferences surrounding particular subjects relevant to you. The same setup can happen digitally by using virtual event platforms.

Not only can the event organiser build an agenda around each of the multiple rooms, but attendees can dip in and out of the lobbies as and when they wish. Better still, with LIVVE giving hosts the ability to stream high definition videos and showcase a pool of media, all stored on the cloud, attendees are guaranteed to get the same perfectly polished experience attending an event online as they would in person. 

Audience engagement and interaction

What’s more, a virtual event platform allows audiences to interact with the host, as well as one another. Software like LIVVE gives attendees the chance to answer polls and vote while encouraging them to get involved with discussions by asking for their opinions. 

All of the features that generally come with a virtual event platform are designed to ignite that two-way conversation between those attending. 

Branding opportunities

If you were to host an event in person, you would cover the place in your branding, right? So why should that change just because you’ve gone online? 

Using LIVVE, means hosts can customise the entire event environment for a fully branded experience, including all pages, idents and transitions. Not only does this mean your event feels unique, but it means you can tie it in with the rest of your marketing collateral or current campaigns while ensuring those attending are fully immersed in your brand and identity.


Host your next virtual event using LIVVE

If you’re considering or, better still, planning a virtual event, then there’s no doubt about it; a virtual event platform is a right tool for you.

We’ve listed just a few of the many reasons why they provide organisers with a whole host of invaluable features which make your event run seamlessly while appearing professional and efficient. What’s more, they allow thousands of people to network, while you can run an entire day’s worth of multiple virtual conferences all from the same place – and you are in control the whole time. It’s a no brainer.

Better still, LIVVE makes it simpler than ever to organise, manage and run your virtual event, thanks to its easy-to-use event and agenda builder and automatic digital admission administration.

Virtual event platforms are the key to an event’s success. Take advantage of the endless possibilities that come with hosting your event online using LIVVE and book your free demo today.


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