How do you run a Virtual Event?

4 March 2022

There’s no denying it; virtual events are here to stay. And it comes as no surprise, considering they are undoubtedly a total time-saver, can reduce costs, and of course help businesses reach a wider audience. Simply put, the digital revolution has completely changed the way we host events – so if you haven’t already jumped on the virtual events bandwagon, then what are you waiting for? Here are our top tips for running a virtual event.

Choose the perfect platform for your event

With the growth of virtual events, picking the best platform that suits you can be overwhelming.

If you’re exploring potential platforms, then look no further than Livve. As the first fully-cloud-based virtual events platform, Livve enables users to host online events without physically downloading software, saving time, hassle, and hardware storage space. Livve gives users a simple solution to seamlessly hosting top-quality events online. The range of exceptional features that comes with Livve makes it the perfect platform for everyone, whether that’s the novice host or the most experienced event organiser.

Set yourselves clear goals

So you’ve decided on your platform, now it’s time to set yourselves some clear goals. Before you start planning your agenda, consider the following:

  • Is your event relevant to your business, and what’s more your business goals?
  • Who is responsible for the event? 
  • What steps need to be taken to achieve it?
  • Can you measure the success of your event?
  • Realistically, is this event achievable?
  • When will the event take place?

Choose the right time for your event

You must take into consideration who will be attending your event. If you’re inviting an international audience, what are their time zones? 

Also, remember to include any additional time for question and answer sessions.

Create an engaging, exciting, relevant, and exciting agenda

When it comes to creating your agenda, it needs to tick all the boxes to ensure that while it is relevant to your business, it’s also interesting and engaging. After all, you want people to look forward to your event, right? Equally, during your event, it’s vital that those attending don’t want to leave halfway through. Ensuring your agenda is the right balance between keeping attendees interested and engaged, and also relevant to your business is challenging – but also essential when planning your event. 

Promote your event 

After investing time in planning your event, you need to ensure you get people attending. You simply can’t rely on audiences to attend your event without publicising it, so make sure you advertise it well, so they know when it’s happening and how they can participate.

From sending email invites to reaching audiences via your social media channels, your event promotion is likely to differ depending on who you are inviting.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

That’s how the saying goes, right? Ahead of your live event, consider hosting a run-through with colleagues so that you can troubleshoot during the practice. 

If you need to prepare any videos, images, questions, or surveys, as well as organise any virtual lobbies, then be sure to get these created ahead of your event. Just because your event is online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it the same attention to detail as you would if it was in-person.

Ready to run your virtual event?

If you’re planning a virtual event, then it’s time to explore Livve. Guaranteed to bring in a virtual audience, Livve is bursting with unrivalled features, offering the perfect platform for any online or hybrid event. Book your demo now.

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