Funding Round 2.0

Investment Target: 1.2M

Offering 15% of the ordinary share Capital of the Company

Marketplace Disruptor

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Radically Reimagining Virtual Events

Livve is the first, fully digital Virtual Events Platform. A new solution that enables user-generated, custom virtual events, that provide upscale features and functionality as a full SaaS solution.
A huge demand exists for a better solution for large and small companies that require more from their virtual events with presentation and audience engagement through a unique cloud based tool.

Livve was built with SEED 1.0 capital in the last 10 months, by industry leading experts and technologists.

Capital will be used to further define the business model, product market fit, fill the knowledge gaps by forming better relationships.

Perfect Fidelity

Pain Point Solved

10 Fold Growth in Virtual events demand




The average studio grade virtual and hybrid event running on e.g. Hopin or Cvent uses nine different systems such as Zoom, vMix and YouTube to create and distribute the content/ show.

Livve has four newly developed proprietary technologies.

Livve reduces nine different systems from nine to one.

The Solution

LIVVE IS THE FIRST AND ONLY END TO END VIRTUAL EVENTS PLATFORM – available as a fully customisable and scalable SaaS platform where, for the first time, event organisers can create and host an entire virtual event from one web browser. It will first serve the enterprise and the corporate events sector and then the solution will be consolidated for mass-market release to the business world at large, big or small.

Perfect Fidelity

The Team

The management team are event tech professionals and have unrivalled credentials in this market to drive this business and deliver this platform.

Chris Elmitt

Chris Elmitt

Livve Founder & CEO

“We have been at the forefront of the interactive event technology field for 20 years. The virtual event explosion is not going to stop and we are in the best position to provide studio-grade, next generation digital meetings and events and make them accessible to all through our SaaS platform. Our serviceable obtainable market is significant, your investment will make Livve a must have within the enterprise technology stack, every zoom and teams user that has events is a Livve customer.”

Neil Jones

Neil Jones

CSO Livve

NED Crystal Interactive and CEO & founder - Location:Live Group - Longstanding event tech specialist and former CEOEurope for largest event agency worldwide.
John Phelan

John Phelan

CFO Livve and FD

Crystal Interactive - long-standing member of leadership team first of Crystal Interactive and now Livve.

Fast Paced Innovation in 10 months

May 2021
Seed 1.0 Raise 575k closed in 8 days
Sep 2021
v1 of major innovations built, tested and deployed
Nov 2021
MVP ready to release Dec 2021
Jan 2022
60+ customer presentations
Feb 2022
Pipeline approaches £1m
Feb 2022
First client onboarded
Mar 2022
First Event on Livve

Investor Opportunity


Exit Strategy 2-4 years

Competitor acquisition
Tech giant acquisition
Trade Sale
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