No More PowerPoint for Virtual Events?

25 January 2022

The need to run Powerpoint on a separate computer is becoming a thing of the past. Virtual event technology is addressing the complicated set-up of having to house presenters’ slides on a separate laptop, often with the producer clicking through them, manually syncing with the speaker.

Presenting slide decks is commonplace, particularly in virtual events, where introducing engaging content is paramount to maintaining audience attention. Typically, virtual event producers set this up in one of two ways; either the speaker simply shares their screen through a low-fidelity meeting app like Zoom, Teams etc. or the slides are given their own physical laptop and fed into the video switch. The first method is flawed because screen-sharing through virtual meeting apps kills quality. Low quality feeds on slides looks terrible and often makes small text illegible and transitions blocky. The second method is higher in quality but requires another machine to run them – when each speaker feed and media asset needs its own laptop…well, you end up with a messy room full of laptops!

The future of running sleek online shows lies in a fresh and alternative approach to presenting content. Livve is the first event production platform in the world to build a native Powerpoint controller into the Speaker View itself. Presenters are assigned their role as ‘Speakers’ and when it’s their time to go live, they automatically move into their dedicated Speaker View where they can monitor their own camera, view a countdown timer, a customisable auto-queue and, importantly, view and control their slide decks, all in one place. The slide file is pre-uploaded as a media asset and displays in the webcast directly from the cloud – this means full fidelity, ease of use for speakers and no third-party systems required at all, no laptops, no Powerpoint.

Livve is an entire event production suite in one place. It reduces production time by up to 80% and makes running online shows easy and enjoyable, even with a small team.

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