Why Run Virtual Events?

Recent world events have inspired a new digital revolution, irreversibly changing the ways in which we interact with one another, both personally and professionally. Whilst face-to-face engagement will always be a human need, technology presents opportunities for companies to thrive in new ways.

Businesses worldwide have found innovative ways to continue to operate during lockdowns, keeping their staff invested and their customers engaged. Experts predict no reduction in online engagement, with e-commerce and virtual meetings continuing to skyrocket. This suggests that we have embraced some of the benefits and conveniences of engaging with the world remotely.

The events industry relies on people coming together - the cumulative operational costs of all the world’s meetings and events are colossal when considering travel, time, venues, equipment, food and drink, not to mention the environmental impacts.

Virtual events technology offers a dynamic alternative. It provides the option to drastically cut costs whilst opening up events to new audiences who otherwise would not have been able to attend.


Virtual events are the future of effective audience engagement

Greater Audience Reach

To guarantee maximum attendance at an event, the date, time, venue and location of the event need to be suitable for the audience. Drop-out rates increase when considering the length and cost of travel as well as unforeseen circumstances like bad traffic or delayed flights. These concerns are immediately addressed by virtual events - delegates attend from the comfort of their home or office, overwhelmingly reducing drop-out rates.

Many companies often choose not to hold international conferences due to the sheer complexity of planning and executing such an event. Taking delegates and speakers away from their work for days of travel is also costly and a big commitment to make. Virtual events technology provides a platform for attendees to join from their remote locations with little effort. Running virtual events allows companies to vastly expand their audiences.


Easier to Manage

Virtual events are means to greater control over the operational aspects of events. The planning and execution associated with running a live event can be stressful and often require a team of dedicated event organisers. A powerful and engaging virtual event can be put together and managed by as little as one producer when using an effective digital events tool.

With LIVVE, your entire event is planned and managed within one web browser. The Agenda Builder allows you to intuitively structure your event by dropping blocks into an event timeline. The Media Pool stores all event-related assets natively and the Presenter Live View provides a monitor to the stage for the speaker, as well as a preview of forthcoming media and an autocue.


Easier on the Environment

Attending business meetings, conferences, international events and summits helps pump untold levels of CO2 into the atmosphere via aeroplane and other vehicle fuel. As the world turns its attention to the environment and how pollution can be reduced, virtual events offer an alternative to business travel with a drastically reduced environmental impact.

Virtual events also produce far less waste since resources are viewed digitally rather than being printed and no major food and drink service is provided. This means less pumped into landfill and less plastic into the oceans.

Virtual events are a powerful audience engagement tool which offer innumerable commercial benefits. LIVVE is at the forefront of digital events technology. Discover how LIVVE can empower your team to run studio-grade events using our next-generation platform.


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