Why you need a specialist virtual event platform for your internal comms

9 May 2022

Many Internal Comms professionals are wrestling to run virtual events using their in-house meeting platform. While the process works on paper, the experience is poor – for organiser, speaker and participant. There are new tools which allow corporate organisers to produce a slicker show with better outcomes. If you run virtual events inside your enterprise and are wrestling with any of the following, then tools such as livve.app could be worth evaluating. 

  1. Noises off – while in a small meeting, it’s okay to hear the odd pop or squeak, in an event with 300 colleagues, coughing and general background noises are a no-no. 
  2. Mystery guests – organisers are wrestling with mystery participants turning up uninvited. At best, this can cause a delay but at worst, sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands.
  3. Rogues’ gallery – we have got used to watching panels where some speaker videos are not visible. Then comes the embarrassing attempt to solve the issue while everyone watches on. This is fair enough for a meeting, not a good look in an event.
  4. Speaker screen-share fumbles – we recently attended an event where 1,000 participants waited for 52 seconds for a speaker to get their slides visible through screen-share. This breaks the flow of an event, stresses the speakers out, and makes things look amateurish. 
  5. Video no-no – anyone who has tried to play a video (such as a pre-recorded speaker) through a meeting platform will have experienced a pixelated, jerky, unwatchable mess – if it’s even played at all. 

The new generation of corporate platforms are designed to overcome these limitations while meeting corporate IT’s stringent security requirement. Find out how you can unleash your inner Kubrick to produce a show worthy of your company’s brand and your reputation. You can now deliver engaging shows without any previous experience.


By Chris Elmitt, CEO

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